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Have you ever looked for a solution that you were certain already existed because the problem seemed so common that it must? Well so have we and when we couldn't find it we decided to solve it ourselves and the result, of course, is Boneheads.

Providing more than just a stroll in the park but an adventure in the wild that will provide your dogs with the exercise and social pack mentality that they really need. Jumping over logs, running through the creeks, and connecting with their natural instincts. All our trails are off the beaten path so the dogs can run free.

We are canine first aid certified by DogSAFE. With 7+ years of experience working with dogs you can rest assured that your pup is in good hands.

Like photos? Well we like taking them - especially of your dog. With a full library of all of our hikes, we guarantee to impress you. There is a comfort in knowing that your dog is having fun while you're at work and now you can see it in high resolution!

Our commitment is not only to give our pack the best possible day out on the trails, but also and more importantly, that we bring them home healthy, content, and absolutely exhausted.We set out to create the solution that we could use for our own dogs and we are confident that we have solved that problem for you too.

Jef & Rosa



Nate is an outdoor addict, even after a week of torrential rain on the mountain with the dogs he will eagerly jump on his kayak to go enjoy some more fresh air and dampness. He is quite the sucker for puppy eyes and endearing wet kisses so quite often the pack could get away with murder with just a wag of a tail ;-)

Among many of his hobbies there is photography, gardening and he is also an astounding kitchen experimenter and definitely has the eye (or stomach?) for some unbelievable creations, my tastebuds are inevitably blown away!



Janelle is a performance and media artist from Kelowna. She's a writer and an ardent outdoor lover, among many other skills. During recent summers Janelle takes kids and young adults on wilderness camping adventures and is currently looking for opportunities to continue excelling as a performer. You can check out her work at http://janellesheppard.com.

Her and Enyo, her Poodle/Saint Bernard pup, have joined our hikes and became part of the Boneheads family so smoothy that it seems like they’ve always been here!


Daniel has been surrounded by adventure as an extreme photographer, passionate writer and inspirational speaker. His work has been published in numerous magazines and news papers. You can find all Daniel's work at danielfox.co and behance.net/thewildimage.

Him and his pup Kobe, a Maltese/Bichon cross have joined our team and wish to extend a special 50% discount for a session with your pup for $125 for a Dog Totem!


Meea’s devotion to her love of animals started after volunteering for a several years at the SPCA. She also takes her love for the outdoors to the next level, she not only has been camping in the snow or in Hawaii and in many corners  you can’t even imagine, but when she’s not hiking with her adorable Lab Porter and the Boneheads gang, Meea is flying through the skies as an Air Canada flight attendant.

Interested in being a bonehead? We're hiring!

  • Are you a trustworthy and fit person who loves being outdoors and doesn't mind getting dirty?
  • Even in our unpredictable Vancouver weather, you're thrilled to head out for a 3-4 hour hike?
  • You're responsible, confident, very observant and have a great eye for photography?
Get started!
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